Transportation to the conference venue

• By boat:   from

→ direction Vienna ( or

→ direction Budapest

• By bus:   new Bus terminal Mlynské Nivy   (operating Eurolines, Slovak Lines, Regiojet, GoOpti, FlixBus, A-Express, Turancar and others:  Tickets: Bus departures and online ticket I , Bus Bratislava ↔ Vienna Airport | FlixBus ,, etc. Continue using the city public transport line: trolleybus 42, ascend at stop Hodžovo nám. = ca. 5 stops and continue 300 m around the Presidential palace.

• By plane:   from

→ airport Schwechat-Vienna ( (buses every ½ -1 hour, ca. 50 km to Bratislava (Bus terminal Mlynské Nivy) or (look „By bus“)

→ airport Bratislava ( seasonal timetable of the flights in summer 2022 to Bratislava airport will be updated after March 1st ( City public transport line 61 to the Main Railway station and then 83 or 93 as in the „By train“ mode

• By train:   from

→ direction Vienna or

→ direction Budapest or

→ direction Brno, Poland or

→ direction Prague, Germany

→ direction Žilina, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

All to Main Railway station Bratislava, then use buses No. 83 or 93 (stop Hodžovo nám. = second stop), continue 300 m around Presidential palace.

Trains from Vienna, Hungary (Györ, Budapest) stopped at Petržalka Railway station can use bus No. 93 direction Main Railway station and ascend at stop Hodžovo nám. = ca. 5 stops and continue 300 m around the Presidential palace.

Taxi: Bratislava also has a well-organized taxi service, which is not exceedingly expensive. There are fixed spots in the city where taxis are stationed, or they can be arranged by telephone or mobile applications Services like Hopin, Uber, Bolt and others, best using their own applications but also other services Easy taxi (5 € within city limits: 00421 918 555 555), Nay taxi 00421 903 353535, VB taxi 00421 217 158 and others could serve you. • City public transport (use pre-purchased ticket e.g. from automatic vendor machine (also accept coins) at stops and label at entry): Journey Planner • Bratislava, City Routes (15. 11. 2021) • Bratislava, in Bratislava also works Google Maps Transit with actual public transport situations.