Presentations of lectures

Presentations will run on PCs using Windows 10 operating system using MS Office 2016 and data projectors.

To avoid problems with characters, symbols, animations, multimedia, etc. we recommend for PowerPoint 2016 presentations:

  1. Transform your presentation onto this format (Save as – choose PowerPoint presentation)
  2. Control correctness of the transformation
  3. Prepare a new folder elsewhere: BDSHC Surname (your surname)
  4. Choose from: File – Export – Presentation for CD – Package for disk CD – Give the name of the disk, for example, BDSHC2022  and on the bottom left side choose Copy to folder – in Location Browse previously prepared folder BDSHC Surname – include files: YES
  5. Then all required files (fonts, dll, pptx, etc.) are copied into this folder (BDSHC Surname)
  6. When you copy the whole folder BDSHC Surname on your USB key, you have a safely prepared presentation, which should be displayed like on your computer on any other PC with totally different font tables (Russian, Chinese, Japanese,…etc.) all over the world

Other versions of PowerPoint (97 – 2003 and others) can have these similar options.

Pointers with presentation controllers will be provided by organizers, but you can also use your own pointers.

Poster presentations

The maximum poster size will be A0 (119 × 84 cm) and cannot be printed out on the conference site. Only one presentation is allowed per participant as presenting/first author. Please provide your e-mail address that you have used at the registration.

Poster panels have 90 x 200 cm and will be organized in a zig-zag fixture. Organizers will provide you with mounting material and necessary tools (special double sided tape and scissors). Please, do NOT use pins or similar materials, pinching the panel surface. Dedicated panel for your poster will be equipped with a label containing your poster number. Your poster number can be found in the menu section Programme -> Posters