River Danube is the second biggest European river flowing through 10 European countries thus, in a sense, unifying them.

Also, science unifies countries, and organic chemistry is an example of this declaration. After the fall of the „Iron curtain, “ Professor Sauter (Technische Universitat Wien) visited Slovakia Bratislava to form a closer scientific link between the two closest lying capitals in Europe (of course, Vatican City and Rome). One of the results of these talks about cooperation has been an invitation to start mutual seminars in organic chemistry called “Blue Danube Symposia on Heterocyclic Chemistry” organised in Austria. Next year this event was organized in Slovakia and after that Hungary (prof. Hajós), the Czech Republic (prof. Potáček) and Slovenia (prof. Stanovnik) joined this activity:

1 BDSHC 24.-25.9.1991ViennaAustria
2 BDSHC 13.-15.4.1992SmoleniceCzechoslovakia
3 BDSHC 25.-28.4.1993Sopron Hungary
4 BDSHC 22.-25.4.1994St. PöltenAustria
5 BDSHC 14.-17.6.1995Častá-PapierničkaSlovakia
6 BDSHC 1.-4.9.1996BrnoCzech Republic
7 BDSHC 7.-10.6.1998EgerHungary
8 BDSHC 24.-27.9.2000Bled Slovenia
9 BDSHC 16.-20.6.2002Tatranská LomnicaSlovakia
10 BDSHC 3.-6.9.2003 ViennaAustria
11 BDSHC 28.8.-1.9.2005BrnoCzech Republic
12 BDSHC 10.-13.6.2007  TihanyHungary
13 BDSHC 20.-23.9.2009BledSlovenia
14 BDSHC 26.-29.6.2011PodbanskéSlovakia
15 BDSHC 1.-5.9.2013 Olomouc    Czech Republic
16 BDSHC 14.-17.6.2015BalatonalmádiHungary
17 BDSHC 30.8.-2.9.2017LinzAustria
18 BDSHC 19.9.-21.9.2019LjubljanaSlovenia
19 BDSHC 22.8.-24.8.2022 BratislavaSlovakia